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Font Installation Guide


Windows Installation Guide for True Type Fonts

This guide is applicable to Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.
It probably applies to Windows Vista, but I haven't tested it on that system yet.
I regret there is no support on this website for other operating systems.

I understand from a friendly Mac user that Runemaker-designed fonts are compatible with Mac OSX

To use any downloaded font, you will need to follow each step carefully. You would be wise to back up all your fonts before starting. some versions of Windows will automatically overwrite any fonts you already have with the same names as the new ones.

Step 1

Download the font ZIP file and store it on your hard drive.


Step 2

Extract the font from the ZIP compressed archive file. Save the extracted files in your C:\downloads folder (or wherever you save downloads)

If you need any help with downloading and unzipping, click here (opens in a popup window).


Step 3

To install the font on your system:

Click on the Start button, roll your mouse over Settings, then click on Control Panel (On XP OS go to Settings then click on Control Panel)

In the Control panel window Double Click on the Fonts Folder

In the Fonts folder window, click on the File button (top left) –> then click on Install new fonts

In the Add Fonts window Navigate to the “C:\downloads” folder or wherever you saved the extracted fonts in Step 2

Double click to open the font folder

Select all

Click OK

You should see the Install bar working

Now your fonts are activated for use in all your Windows applications


For more information on runes and runic design, please visit these websites:
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For more information on runes and runic design, please visit these websites: