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Hello, and welcome to the Rune Fonts website.

I got really fed up looking for rune fonts on the web. They are often hidden away in strange hard-to-find places and the joy of finding a new one is soon crushed when you find it's the same old rune font given a different name.

So I decided it was a good idea to have a website called Rune Fonts that would be easy to find on the search engines and gather all the original rune fonts I could find in one place for my own and your convenience. I have added some comments about the fonts and I hope this will help you choose something suitable for your purpose.

I found that most of the fonts I downloaded had something wrong with them. Some are all mixed up, Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and Odin knows what else all jumbled together. Some have invented or  incorrectly drawn rune glyphs, mirror imaged runes, upside down runes and so on. Some are poorly drawn, different sizes within the same font, or just downright ugly!

One of the most popular free fonts downloaded by thousands of users which is not included here is the AOE FREE font for both MAC and PC by Astigmatic One Eye Font Foundry because of it's uncanny resemblance to Runic Regular by Digital Type Foundry - including the obvious gaff of a mirror image Jera rune.

Even the standard Unicode characters relied upon by academics contain silly errors in the runic sections. For example they do not include Elder Futhark versions of Uruz, Raido or Sowilo: nor the Anglo-Saxon versions of Naudiz or Dagaz. Gebo and Dagaz are drawn incorrectly amongst other inconsistencies. Besides that, I find them rather spidery and aesthetically unpleasing, even the bold versions appear insipidly thin. If carving runes on a stick of wood thin staves will suffice, but when writing with runes on paper or in a web page then visibility and readability must surely be paramount.

The thing that annoyed me the most was trying to find what letter key corresponds to which rune. All the fonts have different layouts - none of them very logical - making the trial-and-error process very tedious.

In the end I decided to design my own fonts for use on my Runemaker websites. These are also available for download here on this site. They are not free, however. They each took months to develop, so I am charging a nominal fee for each of the packages on offer. To the best of my knowledge all of these self-designed fonts are complete and accurate. Visit the Download Fonts page for prices and details.

This is what the fonts look like:

RuneMaker and RuneMaster Font Pack - US$11.95 for 6 fonts

RuneCraft Font Pack - US$13.45 for 5 fonts

RuneSans Font Pack - US13.45 for 5 fonts

RuneGrafic Font Pack - US$14.95 for 4 graphic fonts


The fonts are all True Type fonts (TTF) and will need conversion for use with operating systems that require different font formats.

Each font contains 40 characters representing all the runes of both the Elder (Norse) Futhark and the Anglo-Saxon (Frisian) Futhorc, plus a couple of traditional punctuation marks. The packages are supplied with a font installation tutorial and a keyboard map showing which letter key corresponds to each rune.

All my fonts use the same layout using logical  and sensible key allocations that will soon become second nature to you. For example with a couple of exceptions lower-case keys are all Elder Futhark, upper-case are all Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and the runes are allocated their letter equivalent keys. So you get Ansuz from the "a" key, Berkanan from the "b" key and so on - except Ingwaz and Thurisaz, of course. They do not correspond to any letters on the keyboard so I have made special arrangements for them.

I am told by one happy MAC user that the fonts were simple to install and work perfectly on his system, but I'm afraid I can't provide any help or support for MACs, they are a total mystery to me.

Buy the All-Fonts Pack containing all 20 fonts at 20% discount for US$42.45. Please visit the downloads page to order.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find what you want. And if you feel like rewarding me for saving you a lot of surfing, spend a few bucks on my fonts and thereby earn my undying gratitude.

If you want to check on the meanings of the runes click here. Please email me if you want any further information, or if you know about any other free rune fonts that I have missed. You can email me from the Contact page.

Bob Oswald
The Runemaker

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